Thursday, July 29, 2010


Boring title, but it's the best I can do.

Feeling very lethargic, still nauseous, dizzy and weak. Went to the acupuncturist today and that wiped me out enough that I needed another nap. Blood cell counts likely lowest of the cycle today.

Hair loss undeniable now, psyching myself up for shaving it all off tonight.

No appetite at all, but I know from experience that I need to eat something or the nausea will get worse. Just had some simple quinoa with chicken and peas a few minutes ago and the nausea is coming back down.

Another new symptom today: my tongue feels weird. Too big, perhaps. It tastes funny, and feels slightly numb, as do my lips. The feeling reminds me of something I've experienced before but not sure where. Some drug reaction, most likely. Or hypoxia? They talked about that during my pilot training... or low cell counts? No idea.

Sense of smell magnifying as well. Along those lines, I find that the more organic something is, the less it bothers me. I've given over my cologne for essential oils, and have taken to burning just white sage as incense.

Kaia (my dog) is very patient as always and seems a little concerned. Luckily, there is little in life she enjoys more than a nap, so she's very happy when I decide to take one myself.

Will post shaven-headed pix when I do the deed.


Anonymous said...

Try as I might, Totally Hairless Michael does not appear in my imagination. Probably just as well. . . . How are you going to shave your head? If I'd thought of it, I coulda loaned you an electric shaver I've got lying around. . . . or, since it's falling out, do you just wait for it to fall? . . . and does all your hair fall out, or just the stuff on top?


Eclector2 said...

No need to be hasty, though I think you will look fine. (Check out my Alex's baseball photos on Facebook. There is a dad there with a handsome bald head.)

You could consider a buzz cut as a transitional state. Mike S also has an electric shaver. It has several attachments for short, medium, or longer buzz cuts.

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