Thursday, March 22, 2012

Round 3 (this time for sure)

I began round 3 of chemo this past Monday. The pneumonia has lessened to the point where it's safe, apparently.

Not much otherwise to report other than I'm feeling generally chemo-y these days, as expected.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unexpected Delays

I should have had chemo two days ago (on Monday), but there was an unexpected complication. Apparently, I have pneumonia.

Who knows where these things come from, but apparently my avoidance of sick people was not quite complete enough. It is odd, though, that I experienced very few outward signs other than shortness of breath. I went in to my general practitioner last week seeking a refill for my asthma inhaler, and (after an x-ray) confirmed a small amount of pneumonia in the right lung. It explains, potentially, why I have been so tired of late.

On Monday, the oncologist decided that it was better to push everything back a week and give me more chance to recover. This does have a ripple effect, though, as now the rest of my chemo schedule will be delayed by a week, and weeks that I thought I'd be feeling pretty good (at the end of the cycle) I'll now be feeling not-so-great. This affects planned trips, scheduled gigs, etc.

Right now I'm still incredibly tired, likely from a combination of the chemo and pneumonia.