Friday, March 01, 2013

Happy Birthday Michael

On March 2, 1965, Michael David Matheny was born, two weeks late by my, and my doctor's, calculations, a big (8+ lbs), brown-eyed, long-limbed, chubby, healthy baby boy. Easy going and patient in all things except food. He arrived into a household in turmoil. Three months after his birth and two and a half years after arriving in Holland, his father and I were packed and on our way back to the United States. 

Telling the stories of Michael's life will give me pleasure and focus in the months and years ahead. I will post some of them here and I look forward to hearing Michael stories from others. Today I'm savoring some recent photos of him. Each is a story. I hope you enjoy them.

New Orleans with Jen, 2011.

New Orleans with Jen, 2011.

 Nye's Birthday Party, with Kevin, March 2011.

Nye's Birthday Party, singing to Jen, March 2011.

NewYork City with Jen, 2011

 North Shore? with Jen.

New Orleans with Jen, 2011.

 Picking out pipes in Dublin with Ray and Gabriel, 2011

Meeting Boo.

Key West with Ray.