Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chemo self-portrait

Self portrait from last week's chemo session #1, just now getting to
uploading it from the camera. Deceptively innocent looking bags of
highly-toxic chemicals. Mmmm: highly-toxic chemicals....

BTW it seemed strange to me to have such a very large mirror in a
chemo clinic bathroom. This is a time when people rarely feel their
best, let alone look their best. The full-body beveled mirror might
just be a reminder of, "hey, you look crappy today. Good job!"


Cathy Crea said...

Maybe people sometimes get to look into it and say, "Hey, I don't look as crappy as I did last week!"

John Slade said...

I think it's just the place for people to really see themselves. Folks might like privacy as they connect with their bodies, and mourn/freakout/celebrate what's going on. Where else can you look yourself in the face, and really see.

And it makes for a great photo.

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