Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So much for "normal"

I actually feel pretty fine today. I didn't sleep that well last
night, and was up unit about 3 or 4 am. I finally took 1/2 an Ambien
(after I was fairly sure that the anti-emetic had worn off) at about 3
and that helped me sleep until 11.

Today I feel a bit achey, as they said I would. Some mild flu-like
symptoms. My temp is 96.9, so no sign of a fever. One a few mild waves
of nausea last night at about 9pm but I was taking preventive measures
against that so it dissipated quickly. No vomiting or urge to so far,
which was one of my big worries.

My biggest complaint at the moment: hiccups. Fairly persistent now for
about an hour and a half. Its an annoying, if livable, side effect
that I was unaware of.

Have no appreciable hunger but since I'm not having nausea I'm
remembering to eat healthy high-fiber stuff anyhow.
I may even make it to the gym and do some light cardio. Certainly I
should walk the dog anyhow.

p.s. I still have as much hair as I did yesterday morning. The hair
loss "normally" takes a few weeks, FYI. I'm trepidacious about "re-
rolling" my hair and getting something completely, randomly different
afterward. I'm kind of used to my hair after 43 years with it.


Access said...

Anonymous said...

What is "re-rolling" hair? Would it make sense for me to do it?

(signed) He Who Must Not (Yet) Be Named

M said...

Re-rolling is a gamer geek term for re-doing a character, taking what you get. Its the best analog I can find (other than perhaps a "do-over") for the chemo hair syndrome. :)

Access -- good to know! Some great information, thanks.

John Slade said...

Glad to hear it's relatively OK today. Of course, I hear it gets harder as you go forward - as you pointed out, you're poisoning yourself to get at the nasty. But if getting done with first level is that easy, it's a good sign for further down the road.

And I think you'll look great with a red afro. Ginger power!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the word "cancer" has become so freighted with fear and loathing that we would all find it much nicer to introduce a new one. To borrow a word from Patrick O'Brian, we could try "marthambles." ("Yup, doc says I got the marthambles. Lotta people get it. You have to take this horrible medicine, but then they go away.")

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to sign that last one.
--He Who Must Not Yet Be Named

M said...

There are so many cool disease names that we have apparently cured and therefore have dropped from daily use, my favorite being "dropsy."

Anonymous said...

Dropsy is good. How about lumbago? Actually, just looked it up, it's low-back pain, and almost everybody gets it. They just don't seem to use the word much anymore.

--He Who Must Not Yet Be Named

Anonymous said...

Don't forget marthambles and the strong fives...

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