Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

I'm headed out to Colorado for the court thing, JL and RY are with me as well. Feeling much better today, slept well also. No chemo again until the 26th, so I should be feeling better progressively until then.

Updates may be spotty in the next week or so as I'll only have email access via my phone.

Aldo I just found out that my Angel Foundation grant application was approved! This covers up to $500 a month in expenses (pays bills directly, for you) for up to 24 months while undergoing Chemo. It's a great group and one of my favorite cancer related charities already: gets the money directly to people who need it, and even handles some of the hard stuff like paying bills. When I'm able again, I'll be donating to them.


lsikora said...

Good luck on your court thing, and that's great ahout your grant!

Anonymous said...

Good all around.

He Who, etc.

llochen said...

That is great news about the grant! Good luck in Colorado.

Nigel Parry said...

Hey I hope you have some good things happen out there. Thinking of you in Pittsburgh.

Wendy said...

What awesome news (about the grant). It's amazing what's out there, when you know to look. I'll keep Angel Foundation in mind for future donations too.

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