Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am currently radioactive. Seriously. They injexted me with a radioactive isotope that will settle in my bones and illuminate any areas of concern. It is disconcerting when someone tells you what the half-life of the medicine is 6 hours. Apparently I should not fly or visit the White House in the next day or so, as the dosimiters would go off.

I am hoping to get cool super powers from this. Laser beam eyes or super stretchiness would be some of my first choices.

- M


Deborah in MN said...

oh, laugh out loud - literally! I love your droll sense of humor.

lsikora said...

Ha! I agree!
Except, I can't see the picture in my browser...

Rachael said...

I had to take radioactive pills for a thyroid test once, my favorite part was the elaborate instructions not to touch the pills. I'm swallowing them! You can't touch something more totally than that.

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