Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dr. Ungawa

Some of the players in this story are merely 2-dimensional at this
stage. I will endeavor to fill them out.

Dr. Ungawa (not his real name) has a likewise hard-to-place ancestry.
I'm guessing his family was possibly from Spain originally, but he has
a quality to his voice that leads me to believe he grew up in southern-
rural USA. His suits are just a shade flashier than might be expected,
favoring pinstripes, double-breasted coats and silky shirts with
subtle stripe patterns in them and french cuffs. He appears about 50,
but in denial of his age. He has medium-length, black, swept-back hair
(the hairline and color of which are too perfect to be original) and a
short beard that is clearly dyed black. The snakeskin cowboy boots
complete the ensemme and are everpresent, even underneath his surgical
scrub booties, I noticed. I have a feeling that he is straight and I'm
guessing that he dates women far younger than him. In all, he looks a
little like a sideshow barker or a depression-era roadside Unguents
peddler or perhaps Satan.

Despite the failings of communication, he is a very nice guy and is
known in the area as being one of the most communicative urologists in
the cities (I realize that's relative) and perhaps the best urological
surgeon in the area. His resume is hugely impressive. For whatever
that's worth. I could possibly be in better hands, I could definitely
be in worse hands.


emily said...

suddenly i find that i love dr. ungawa.

lsikora said...

Ha! Who knew surgeons could be this colorful? They usually have a reputation for being cold technicians with virtually no bedside manner.....I'm liking Dr. Ungawa too........kind of reminds me of Pirelli from Sweeney Todd.

Eclector2 said...

He is not cold and I think he doesn't know that he has virtually no bedside manner. While he did a lousy job of explaining Michael's diagnosis, he smiles alot and says that he and Michael will be best friends before this is all over. I hope that this is so.

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