Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Setbacks and discoveries, not all bad.

So some frustrating news today. Apparently I can't switch to UCare
until November (MinnesotaCare only gives you one time a year to
switch). Though apparently my primary care physician can write a note
to HealthPartners asking them to consider covering me. But that takes
2 weeks to get through the system over there at HP. And there are no

I may not have any option other than Dr. Ungawa and HeathPartners. It
would be almost completely covered through HP, but Ungawa wouldn't do
the procedure laparoscopically (where they make only a small
incision). The Mayo doctor, whom I shall call Thompson S. Hunter can
do laparoscopic surgery. Doing the incision traditionally will be
nearly a cesarian-size scar and a longer recovery.

The last item means that there is a case in favor of using Dr. Hunter.
Today on stolen breaks from teaching I coordinated with Dr. Ungawa's
office to send my original pathology slides to Dr. Hunter, which they
agreed to do. So they're winging their way to Rochester even as I
write this. I had to lie about my hard deadlines in order to get them
out today. I don't feel bad about that.

Tomorrow I will drive to Dr. Ungawa's office in Edina, get the CT scan
CD and written report and then drive it to Rochester myself, since Dr,
Ungawa's office has no way of overnighting things. At all. Ever.
Apparently. So a trip in the convertible to Rochester is on the
docket, immediately after I get my bone scan done tomorrow. Hopefully
its sunny, at least.

Off to see my primary care physician. This is the first chance I've
had to see him since this avalanche began, its hard to believe it was
just last Friday that I got this news.

This health stuff is a full time job!


nordeastlynch said...

Roadtrip? You want company?

M said...

Very happy for the company if you have all day free on Wednesday! Will be heading to the doc's at about 9ish and likely not getting back to the cities until the early evening.

RKooyer said...

As a previous MinnesotaCare Enrollment and Eligbility Rep, watch for the packet that will come in the mail in October. Get it turned in as best as you can, walk it into the 540 Cedar Street office, and you will have your coverage changed for November 1st.

Those calls were always the hardest when clients called in with stories and we had to say "no". Seventy calls a day, three or four days a week on a rotational basis. I cried many times a week.

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