Monday, June 21, 2010

Project Management 101

Years ago I took a project management seminar when I was working at a small ad agency in Boulder, which I will call Sho' Nuf advertising. My boss, whom I will call Dick, sent me to a 2-day project management seminar in Denver (which he often reminded me after the fact had cost $1,000). As a notoriously disorganized person -- but yet someone who needed to track big projects -- it seemed like a good idea. It was, though I did not emerge the next day a project management whiz-kid. I did learn a lot and I retain some of that to this day. Thanks, Dick.

I was reminded of all of this today when I realized that this stage of the Condition involves making phone calls, going to meetings, appointments, weighing information, getting better information, comparing conflicting information, weighing it all and eventually making decisions based on possibly substandard information becuase time marches on. Scribbled notes, promises to one hand based on the other hand's ability to deliver. Financial considerations. Budget constraints. Time constraints. Weighing completion time v. price. Bids. Schmoozing. Some insincerity with people that I need information from regarding the hard deadlines. Followup with stragglers. Fudging of deadlines. "Begin With The End In Mind, they said. A great idea. And I have. I'm also identifying stakeholders and obstacles and getting buy-in, but the project scope is undetermined. Unfortunately, there really isn't a lot of time-padding in my deadlines. I need it all yesterday. Just like every other project manager.

As I was saying to a friend earlier today, the actual medical process may be a welcome relief.


J said...

As a Project Manager and a cancer survivor, I have to say that you're right on. -Jill

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