Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have used 965 minutes this month so far. Averge usage for me is
about 200. Night and weekend social calling now recommended!


M said...

No wait, that doesn't take into account the Night and Weekend minutes. I've used 413 of those. That's 1,378 minutes of phone time altogether this month. No wonder I have cancer!

But seriously, I still have 4,500 night and weekend minutes remaining this month alone, so blab away at me after 9pm and on weekends. Daytime I'm going to need to save those minutes for doctors, etc.

Text messages are a great quick way to get ahold of me, as is email. I always have my phone on me and I get email (via phone) usually within 15 minutes all day long.

Anonymous said...

Good, I was wondering how to keep in touch with out costing you more money


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