Thursday, June 24, 2010


I talked to Mayo's billing department and, largely due to my awesome negotiation skills, I was able to talk them down from a $5,000 deposit to a $3,000 deposit, refundable within 30 days. Since HealthPartners doesn't cover out of network providers at all, Mayo needs a guarantee. I reasoned with them that since the exam is only going to cost $650 tops, $5,000 seemed a little excessive. They grudgingly agreed. Perhaps they're worried that I'm going to start trashing the place and therefore need a deposit against me throwing a TV through a window.

But we agreed on 3k, which felt like a small victory.

But they confirmed my appointment on Monday with Dr. Hunter, so there is movement there.

Regardless, the financial stuff is my next hurdle.


Traladeda said...

Well, you are a musician.

Access said...

G's folks are willing to cover the deposit - just let them know. I'll get on arranging contributions from friends and family to cover the actual cost, so no worries.


nordeastlynch said...

Count me in on all fundraising schemes - we gotta talk tomorrow before I leave town though.

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