Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Long days, long nights.

A productive day today:

Up at 0730, pick up R by 0900, at the imaging place in Edina by 0945,
injection of radioactive isotope at about 1000, drop of prescription
at about 1045, pick up medical records including CT scan CD from
Ungawa at about 1055, meager (lack of hunger for both of us) breakfast
at the Huis at about 11:15, wait in line to return long-overdue un-
needed accessory at the Apple Store at SouthDale (note: wait until
after the iPad and new iPhone newness has worn off -- was like a day-
after-Thanksgiving sale) back to Imaging place by 1345 for bone scan,
done by 1500, meet J, drive with J and R to Mayo to drop off records
with Dr. Hunter's people, "Italian" dinner in scenic Rochester, back
to cities by 1900; much-needed quiet time with J.

Some very good news: they called me at about 1600 with news of
*negative* bonescan results. In brief, this means that the cancer has
not spread to my bones as far as anyone can tell, which is widely
regarded as a good sign.

Other good news: I have an appointment for Monday with Dr. Hunter at
Mayo, though insurance does not cover Mayo at all so the consult will
be out-of-pocket. This sucks, but its good to get the best guy on the
planet's opinion if you're able, I feel.

Further good news: I have an oncologist, whom I will meet for the
first time Thursday (tomorrow) afternoon.

p.s. my mom, who is fabulous, came and let my poor dog out in the
middle of the day. For those who were keeping track, I was gone 15
hours straight. I would not have been gone this long had I not had
someone to let her out, of course.

p.p.s. no superpowers as of yet, but I'm still hopeful.


lsikora said...

All RIGHT! No cancer in the bones....that sure sounds positive to me!
And scoring a consult with Dr. Numero Uno, not bad for your first day at Mayo, plus acquiring a new oncologist.....those project management skills really DO pay off

Rachael said...

I am home most days, just call if you want to leave your dog with me.

Brainiac4 said...

Negative bone scan is a very good thing. From what I hear, you need those.

lsikora said...

Boneless in a cruel, bone-filled world...not a life I'd want to live..

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