Friday, October 15, 2010

Out of recovery, recovering

10:30 AM

Mike's back in his room, with the bunch of us in attendance. He's alert and impressed with the system and the level of care at Mayo. You'd think it was a world-class hospital or something.

Next up: more waiting!


John Slade said...

Hi everyone! Glad to hear that the verbal assurances of money paid are made, pissed as well that the system is as inflexible (no you can't stop by and pick it up? WTF?) and best to all y'all.

Wendy said...

Love to Mike!
Love to the caretakers!


Deborah in MN said...

It's not that long ago my sil had surgery there and I remember being very impressed by their level of care for the patients and the families.

John Slade said...

Needs more liveblogging. How boring is boring? What's on TV? What color are the walls and carpets? (It's been about 8 years since I was in Mayo's oncology ward...)

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