Thursday, October 14, 2010

Appointments galore

For those of you keeping score at home, here's the rundown on the events of the next few days, assuming things go according to plan. Plans having "gang aft agley" in the recent past, I hope you will forgive me if things change.

Thursday (today): Mike's at Mayo for bloodwork and handing off CT scan disk.
Friday: Back to Mayo for biopsy.
Saturday and Sunday: a relaxing weekend spent wondering what the hell the biopsy shows.
Monday: Meet with the surgeon at Mayo to find out biopsy results and get surgery recommendation
Tuesday: Surgery (at Mayo, of course)
Wednesday-Monday: Recovery at Mayo


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael - I have been thinking of you, and will continue to do so, today, tomorrow and next week. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Wendy A.

emily said...

woo! tuesday is so much way totally supremely better than six weeks from now.

M said...

Thanks for updating everyone Kevin, and for using a line -- aptly applied -- from one of my favorite poems, Robert Burns' "To a Mouse" :)

Anonymous said...

So you're on? Okay, I'm actually crying a little with relief. Do what you have to do, it will all get figured out in due time. I continue to send good thoughts your way. Do enjoy the lovely weather this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOO glad to hear you are going thru with the surgery. Money be damned!

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