Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On the mend

Mike's awake enough to be entertainingly grumpy this morning. He's in pain, of course - abdominal surgery will do that to you - but he's now controlling that with oral medications.

I was over in time to catch Dr. Teenager and Dr. Hunter this morning as they were doing rounds. They said pretty much the same things they did yesterday - the tumor was a bit larger than expected, but the surgery went well and all the lymph dissections and the surgical margins were negative for cancer - and added one thing that we did not hear yesterday: the tumor was stage 3 (T3), invasive of the fat cells around the bladder. Or to put it another way, it's a damn good thing that Mike didn't wait around to resolve insurance shenanigans before scheduling surgery.

I expect you'll be hearing from him today.

- Kevin


John Slade said...

Gulp! Great googly moogly! Well by gum let's hope that someone gets their a$$ in gear at insurance, because it might have been the case that delay would've been fatal! Sh!t dang!

Yeah, it hurts when they cut into you, sorry for that Michael.

lsikora said...

Thanks a lot for keeping us all posted, Kevin!!!

Cathy Crea said...

Yes, grumpy is a good sign of recovery. Yay for grumpy!

Anonymous said...

Saw him for just a bit today. First time, the room was pretty full and he was being gracious about all the people crammed in there. But, as everybody who knows him knows, Michael is the last person on Earth to say,"Okay, everybody out now." But we figured it out and went off and had lunch. . . and came back later, and he was looking cheerful ("looking" is the key word here, because Mike is just too durn nice not to try to look cheerful). But he was very, very tired. He had gotten only a few short naps last night. The problem was that every time he starts to fall asleep, nausea sets in, which has got to be a pretty lousy existence. About the time Jean and I came back for a second look-in, a nurse came in to encourage him to finish watching a "How to Care For Your Catheter" video. And an anti-nausea medication was just kicking in (which probably helped make the movie more palatable). So we went back home. He ought to get out tomorrow.


Talley Sue said...

He is too nice sometimes, isn't he?

I lost my breath over that last piece of the update--oh my! Thank you, Michael, for being aggressive in taking care of yourself.

Tanya said...

Well, now that all of this is over, I sincerely hope recovery is quick and relatively painless! Michael, let me know when you're back in town and up for company. I'll bring the massage table over and do a Reiki session to help healing along.

Glad you made it through the surgery, now you just have to survive the recovery period!


andieb1 said...

Glad to have the updates. Thank goodness you went forward when you did. Rest up and get back to full health again, cuz.

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