Friday, October 29, 2010

Connecting the dots

I just now received my very own laminated member card from MCHA/Medica. Hooray! I immediately called Mayo and gave them the info. Mayo will bill Medica for the surgery. This is not a new revelation at this point, and it is what I was told would happen, but it feels good to actually have the card in hand and have given Mayo the number.

In other news: I have a UTI, which I have had since at least last Tuesday. The urine tests just came back from my primary care practitioner. It it a hollow victory to be proven right: there was indeed something wrong and it was hurting more than it should have. I'll start mega doses of Cipro today and am pounding the cranberry juice.


Wendy said...

Oh yay! Glory day - you got the med card!

Yep, knew something else was up with the pain. Glad you figured it out and are on the Cipro. I have had UTI's regularly in the past and they are no picnic :)


Talley Sue said...

wow--paperwork actually worked out right?
That must be a huge relief.

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