Friday, January 06, 2012

Trazodone? Taze-O-Done is more like it.

I had one of those things where I typed a long update this morning at about 8am and then (due to the combination of the iPhone keyboard and my big fingers) briefly saw a screen that gave me the option for saving or deleting the draft, and -- just like lightning -- I accidentally pushed the big red "delete draft" button and it was all gone.

So, in a nutshell, I made it through the night OK. I slept fairly soundly from about 4 am unit 8 am. I don't remember if I got up at about 6 to use the bathroom or not, but if I didn't, it underscores the dehydration possibility -- as I chugged about 50 ounces of water at 3 am.

Another observation that points to the dehydration possibility: I woke up with a pounding hangover. I didn't have a drop to drink last night, of course -- but a hangover is basically dehydration. When I lived at high altitude I got used to humidities in the single digits for most of the year, and drinking water was essential, or else I would get what felt like a hangover headache.

But, to put this another way: I've had a dehydration hangover headache like this in the morning *without* having experienced muscle tremors and uncontrollable shakes in the middle of the night.

And, because I think it must be commented on as well, the chills and shakes that I experienced when they had me on Methadone were quite different. That was a cold-sweat-chills-clammy-shiver that told me it was time for my next dose. This one was more like MS, or my take on what it might feel like. It did not feel like withdrawal of anything, since I haven't changed any dosages recently except for adding little more of the Oxy'tin daily.

I have a call in to Dr, Larry to talk about last night and also see if there is any possibility of this side effect being from the Trazodone, the new sleeping pill.

But, due to the wonders of the internet, I already have part of my answer:

"Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of the following symptoms or those listed in the IMPORTANT WARNING section, call your doctor immediately:"

"Normal" side effects:

-- Nausea (yep)
-- Vomiting (nearly)
-- Weakness (yep)
-- Dry mouth (yep)

Some of the worst side effects:

-- uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body (you becha)
-- shortness of breath (yep)
-- chest pain (yep)

Symptoms of overdose can include: (remember... I took only 1/2 of what was prescribed)

- vomiting (very nearly)
- difficulty breathing (yep)
- Seizures (I didin't exactly have them, but: scary!)

So, no more Trazodone for me. I'll talk to my doc and tell him what I experienced, and I'm guessing he'll agree with my assessment that its a bad one for me that I appear to be particularly reactive to.

Looking into it further, I don't like that I was essentially given an off-label usage for a medicine that is intended as an SSRI antidepressant. I know they're convinced over there that I'm depressed (and surely, I'm not crapping rainbows over here) but their little 2-minue Depression test that they run you through doesn't take into account the idea of chronic pain. I feel like if we get that addressed, I'll be a lot less "depressed". 

My doc is good and I don't think this was anything sneaky on his part. I've been working with him for years. But I'll certainly ask for clarification.

There is an option at the the NIH site that has the option to send a report after a particularly strong reaction. If my doctor doesn't, I'll do one myself.

Right now I still feel wrung out: I can't inhale all the way comfortably, and I am sore all over. This is not the back pain per se -- more like how you feel the day after slipping and falling on the ice. Everything is just a little sore.

Whether from dehydration or Trazodone or both, I don't know.

Here at 10 am I'm still basically doing OK on the back pain, so I'll plan to go until 2pm for the 20mg tablet. This is once every 12 hours, for 40 mg a day -- a fairly low dose option.

Anyhow, more naps may be in order today.


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