Friday, January 06, 2012

Status Update (continued)

At about 2:30 the shivering faded away to almost imperceptible levels. Back pain is much better but not totally gone. It does seem like the 20mg pill is what I need right now. Although I have taken a couple of 10mg pills over the past 12 hours, so it's not really a very accurate scientific experiment. I'll see if I can get to 2 pm without the pain returning. If so, will pop another 20mg for 40mg total in 24 hours.

This past hour I have been feeling extremely thirsty, and have consumed about 1/2 gallon of water since I woke up. My tongue still seems dry, but coil be a side effect of the Oxy-tin. I did drink water today, of course: though less than normal.

I remember (with sadness) watching Kaia go through what looked like something similar (shivers, shakes) after she stopped drinking water, near the end. In her case, dehydration was almost certainly the cause. If my shivers were caused by dehydration it would have to have been pretty severe to get to the point of uncontrollable muscle tremors. Ir so I assume, in my non-doctor way. The water tastes good and so I'm continuing with that, slowly and steadily.

At about 3am I was struck by a intense wave of nausea. You know the signs: watering mouth, desire to spit, etc. certain that I knew what was next, I went so far as to move to the bathroom, bringing in (perhaps ironically) one of Kaia's old dog beds to sit on. I also took a 1mg antinausea pill (which I'm surprised stayed down). I'm not a throw-uppey person. I heaved just once in the past 30 years: the night after the first chemo treatment this summer. This time was close, though so far I seem to have avoided it.

I alao made myself a single piece of wheat toast a minute ago, which is what I would do for my dogs after they'd throw up, to settle their tummies if it seems like all they have sloshing around in there is pills. The pill is staying down as well, and the nausea is fading.

An odd night, but so far everything feels under control. The nausea and shivers are odd and new, and I really wish I knew what they could be from. Dehydration is possible, but seems like a long shot.

Likely heading back to bed soon, but will probably wait until 4am to be sure. The anti-nausea pills put me to sleep also, so I may not have much choice in the matter!

Anyhow: I hope this is just an anomaly, but I will call my G.P. (Dr. Larry) on Friday to keep him in the loop.

Likely I will have no more updates until Friday late morning, for those who might be worried.

Man, is it ever quiet this time of night. Even in the city.


John Slade said...

ugh! not fun, this mysterious shivery! best!


Wendy said...

That thirst is a side effect of the pain meds. It sucks. My dad has chronic back pain and is on them. Many mornings he wakes up and has to run warm water over his mouth just to get it to open. I hope you don't ever have to do that!

But drink water, your body will appreciate it. Just don't be surprised if the thirst persists.

More love,

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