Friday, January 06, 2012

False Alarm-ish.

So the nurse at my doctor's office thinks I should go to the ER, but my doc disagrees. He definitely wants me to discontinue the Trazodone (which I had already decided to do, anyhow) but said that if I'm improving (which I am slightly as time goes by) that its not necessary to go to the ER. If it gets worse, certainly go in, he said.

So I *may* go in, but it remains to be seen.

The plan of the moment is that I'll spend the day at home -- which is a whole lot better than spending it in the ER.


Emily said...

oy! what a saga.

don't forget about the wonderful service called "the ambulance", if you decide you'd like to visit the ER and aren't up to driving. i don't know what they charge in your area, but it might be covered by insurance. the one time i had to pay retail it was about $50.

M said...


Yeah, I guess it runs in my family to resist the ambulance ride, but it should definitely be covered by insurance for me these days. Part of the reason that I resist, I guess, is that the only two rides I've taken in them fell to me to pay for, because they were linked to a motorcycle accident, and they shake you down for that money right away, especially when insurance is taking a while to pay. I think I spent $1,600 on the last one (which they made me share with the guy who hit me!) I did finally get reimbursed, but it was like 3 years later.

I probably should have gone in in the middle of the night, and certainly if this happens again I will!

cmmastro said...

Or a cab. Cabs come at all times of the day or night. And they come fast in your neighborhood. If you don't need the EMT, the cab is a nice option.

M said...

Based on my last several cab rides in Minneapolis, I'm probably safer driving myself. I actually wanted to call 911 to report a vehicle driving erratically and running red lights (about our own cab) when coming home from the airport a few weeks ago. I think today's cabbies basically live in the cabs and prop themselves up with Redbull. Also, as a driver education teacher I am astounded -- astounded, I tell you -- that that the cabbies I've ridden with in the Cities were able to pass the behind the wheel road test. I noticed 5 ticketable offenses in a 20 minute ride -- a crazy choice for someone who makes their living behind the wheel. New york cabbies are safer, these days. But in a pinch, I'd take a cab to the hospital. I might wear my helmet, though.

cmmastro said...

You do have a history of being safer on four wheels than two..... And in the middle of the night, there isn't that much to run into. Go to Fairview Southdale from your house though - less traffic than Riverside or Abbott.

M said...

Leaving that aside, I shall never go to Fairview Southdale again, or Fairview Riverside. Horrible experiences at both. Abbott is my hospital and ER of choice these days. Its really sad that I have an ER of choice, based on extensive personal experience.

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