Friday, January 06, 2012

Status Report

Awakened at 2am with intense back pain, mostly noticeable in the left mid-back. Before bed, I had taken a 10mg oxy-tin at 10 pm to try to get to 4x a day (every 6 hours) for that. It seems to have lasted 4 hours.

Upon getting out of bed I found that I have intense, constant, body-wide shivers that make it nearly impossible to type. They dont seem to be relate to cold or temperature. I took my temperature and it is 98.7. I took a 20 g oxy-tin at 2am for the pain but am now staying up (sitting on the couch, bundled up) because I am extremely worried. If shivers don't get better in a few hours I'll finish the night in the ER, which is really not how I'd planned to spend my weekend. If the shivers persist and I need a ride I *will* ask for one, don't worry. Right now this is scary and strange, but I don't think ER-worthy just yet. An hour or two will tell. I feel obliged to post an update as soon as I know more so that people don't worry.

Ps: I also took 1/2 of a new sleeping pill prescription before bed (can't remember the name, and don't really want to go to the kitchen to check). It didn't really make me all that sleepy, actually. It is always possible that all of this is related, but I have no idea.

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