Friday, August 26, 2011

My Friday night? ER.

The back pain was too much, I realized that the ER was the only place that could help. Hopefully they'll do more than just give me different drugs to cover up the pain. If it's fixable, I want it fixed -- 'cause it's getting harder to function. Mom and Jen are here with am at the Abboott ER.


Emily said...

fuck! here's hopin'.

Deborah in MN said...

Oh, no. Hope they can help. This chronic pain is wearing, and it's not nearly as intense as yours. At least I know so when I can't sleep tonight I can be with you in spirit.

nihilix said...

Sucky-ola! Hi to your mom and Jen, hope you get some good drugs, no more 'stabbed in the back' moments pls kthx

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