Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fellow geeks and nerds: Blog is now Mobile Friendly

Geek/tech update: I just noticed that blogger has a mobile/smartphone-friendly checkbox that must be activated on my end.\ as the blog administrator. Now, any any all who access this blog with a smartphone will automatically get a much easier-to-read version.

More later today after my 4-hour oncology marathon with the new local oncologists, Dr, Wangchungtonight and a new guy that I haven't met.


Anonymous said...

I've been updating a longtime friend of mine, Elizabeth Pennington, on your situation. (Your mom will remember her as Ginger Arnquist. She remarried and while at it started using her maiden name.) Anyway, she’s a breast-cancer survivor and was following this blog when it was active, and will again.
She had a couple of observations: “. . . I am part of the prayer ministry at the Cathedral so I will put Michael into our prayer list today. I know how good it is to have this multitude of prayers supporting us in times of affliction. It is so much harder to deal with something that is affecting our dear children than ourselves. . . .
“I have great respect for oncology and oncologists and with good reason so off he goes into their hands. And whether he knows it or not we are all always in God's hands – so that's covered for him. Unearned grace. I am grateful for it every day and have good reason to be. We'll pray for him from this place and in this time-and for his family. Love to you and to him, that adorable little boy.”
(That "adorable” part is based on her having last seen you when you were about seven. Still pretty much applies, though.)


M said...

Please pass my thanks on to Ginger!

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