Monday, August 29, 2011


I just got done taking my meds at about 12:45am

Partially for the edification of any following along here, and also for my own record-keeping, here is my current med-roundup and pain management plan:

75mcg Fentanyl patch (72 hour). This (new dose and larger patch) takes up to 16 hours to start working, so it will come online at about 9:30 am Monday.

3, 2mg Dylaudid oral tablets, every 3 hours. Regardless if there is pain or not. This is to keep a base level in my system. This amount may be reduced whenthe Fentanyl is try online.

The Dylaudid causes drowsiness, nausea and (for me) itching, which i was reminded of by my body a few minutes later. I called the nurse back in, and to counteract the itching, oral benadryl and Ativan (qntinausea) were given. To counteract the nausea, either oral Ativ

NOTE --- at this point in the commentary I felt overwhelmingly that I was going to vomit. I spent an uncomfortable few minutes in the bathroom until the feeling receded.

In the past, I have taken the IV Ativan (antinausea) which works like a charm. But I/we are trying to work towards at-home solutions. Next time the meds are due, I will request that I fake the Ativan/antinausea pill maybe 1/2 hour beforehand.

It's a recipe that is taking a while to perfect, but I think it will be finalized by tomorrow.

A lot of this is being driven by me, though trial and error and by just listening to my body. I've had to insist on the the scheduled Dilaudid, as an example, and also pushed for the higher dosage of Fentanyl. If you state your case and give reasons for it, your docs should listen. It's my body, and I know it better than anyone else.

To sleep, perchance to have really odd dreams.

*** update: 5:20 am: with my 3:30 am dose I took Zofran (antinausea) 1/2 hour beforehand and It grea. No nausea! ***


nihilix said...

Last night I had the strangest dream... (bopping to 80s music...)

Sounds like you're Testing with Science! Do any of your docs appear to be a kinda evil AI? Do you have a gun that can open portals in the hospital walls? Just wonderin'

Hope you're out today. I still have that cookbook...

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