Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hospital Time

As I expected they might, Abbott ER did their own CT scan (they didnt have the recent MRI and oncology scans in their systems). What surprised menis that the didnt find anything else going on, such as diverticulitis, intestinal blockage or anything else that might be causing the pain. Dr Grampa's guess that the pain was linked to tumor pressure (and that only shrinkage via chemo mightt be my only hope to stop the pain on it's own) seems to be right on.

Abbott bumped me upstairs to the hospital last night with the plan of nailing down a pain regimen that works, under close supervision. Major changes so far include loads of IV antinausea and pain meds, and replacing my 12mcg Fentanyl patch with a 50mg patch. The pain comes
And goes. I was feeling no pain at all last evening, but right now it is wheedling it's way back, waiting for a recent dose to kick in.

So far I am very pleased with the oncology/cancer floor at Abbott. I may be here it a day or two until the get the pain under control and have a plan that works.

My mood is not perfect, but at least I can think about something other than the pain.

My dog is safely with friends, also, though I am told she might be allowed to visit!


Anonymous said...

See if you can get a massage from the Penny George institute, they are awesome! Gotta love a hospital that uses complementary therapies! X000xxxx Lynn S-M

Nykol said...

Here's a new pain scale that you can use. It made me laugh even when my back pain was at Too Serious For Numbers. Hyperbole and a Half I hope you're getting some relief from the pain.

Deborah in MN said...

We gotta get our schedules together, bro. I leave, you go in. Now i might be coming to join you. Thanks for passing on your advice/wisdom/experience/knowledge in the midst of your own suffering.

Kari said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed that they are finally able to find the right plan of action to battle your back pain and combat the nausea. I am also happy to hear your dog might be able to visit. Animals have healing powers too. :-)

@ Nykol, when I was in ER on Friday I mentioned the Too Serious for Numbers pain scale. The nurse had seen it and agreed when I recommended every medical facility swap them out! :-)

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