Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Kevin again.

Major milestone today was getting in the first walk since the first surgery (for those keeping score at home, we are at two surgeries in this hospital stay of a currently-planned three). The Physical Therapist was an elegant and wiry woman who boasted proudly that she had not had a patient with an exposed backside in more than 20 years. I pointed out that this was quite a streak of not streaking.

Mike's color is much improved, his energy is up, and I'm no longer wondering if he's ever going to get to go home. Which is a good thing. He's down to 4 liters of oxygen per minute, from 6 yesterday (and most of today). The PT prescribed a second walk today, and at least three tomorrow. The idea is to get him on the road to mobility, so when he goes home he's not helpless. I like this line of thinking.

As of today, the plan is for surgery number three on Thursday (I'm guessing early because most of his surgeries have been early - I think hospitals tend to schedule the morning and use the afternoon as buffer to deal with emergencies, but what do I know, I'm no medical professional).

Earliest possible release day is Friday, with Saturday looking more likely to me. Again, not a medical professional.

- Kevin


Kari said...

Hey Kevin,

Thank you for keeping us updated. Please give Michael a hug for me and tell him to hurry and get his fanny home! :-)

andieb1 said...

Yay, for walkies, and love to you all.

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