Thursday, May 03, 2012

Out of surgery already

Kevin here again.

Mike had dialysis yesterday - apparently the wide variety of things he's been subjected to have been hard enough on his kidneys that they basically shut down, which is why he's in the hospital. The process for dealing with this is to hook him up to a machine that can filter the crap out of his blood for him, since his kidneys are not living up to their part of the bargain.

Stupid kidneys.

He went into surgery this morning and it finished quickly, which is a probably a Very Good Sign. The purpose of the surgery was to put stents into his kidneys to allow them to function better. He'd been told there were two options - the easy way would be going in through the urethra, but if there was blockage from the cancer in the abdomen, the surgeon might need to get to the kidneys from the back. Which would be a bigger deal.

Jen texted me at 8:20 to tell me Mike was going into surgery, and called at 8:40 to tell me he was out. Sounds like the fast option worked.

Still unknown: recovery time from the surgery, time to get back to normal creatinine levels, time to get back to normal kidney function, effect of all this on various medications, whether this affects the chemotherapy... so much we don't know. But for now, he's out of surgery, which is better than being in it.

- Kevin


Emily said...

Oy, such an ordeal. Thinking peaceful thoughts for all of you.

Kelly McCullough said...

Fast is good, necessary not so much. So, Yay! and also Fuck!

Eclector2 said...

Jen's latest report after talking with the surgeon: some good news some bad news. One kidney is working the other is not.

Deborah in MN said...

okay, at least one is working. That is good. Hopefully the other will come back soon. Sorry I couldn't be there this morning. I need to drive Tom somewhere this early afternoon, but I can come over later if you need me.

Taymara said...


Wendy said...

Sorry to hear one kidney is not working. Is that permanent? Big Hugs and Love to you all!


Anne-Marie said...

Thank you to Kevin for keeping up the updates. And love and hugs to Mike, Auntie Marilyn, Kevin, Jen, Deb and everybody else. I love you all and am keeping you in my every thought.

lsikora said...

Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers....hugs all around

Kari said...

Hugs and prayers. Do they know if the not-working kidney is completely kaput (techinical term), or do they think it might start working again with some treatment? Also, are they adjusting the treatment regime to avoid pissing off (again, techincal terminology) the still-working kidney even more?

Mike, I hope you are feeling better and home again soon. Sending healing energy your way.

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