Thursday, May 17, 2012


Kevin again.

Mike is home. After sixteen days at Abbott, HOME.

We were very glad to say goodbye to the nurses in the Critical Observation Oncology ward, but not because they weren't awesome - they were great. It's just that the hospital isn't someplace you choose to be unless you work there.

Oxygen is down to 2L/minute, and he has a prescription for the portable concentrator, which should give him much greater mobility than carrying tanks. We may test that out tomorrow.

Blood counts are nearly normal, and he's almost entirely free of tubes - one remaining from the "perc neph" but that's supposed to come out Wednesday. He's tired, and he still can't walk very far, but he's up and walking, and home.

If you're feeling the urge to stop by and say hello, give a call first. I think he's got some sleep to catch up on. In a real bed. At home.

- Kevin


Cathy Crea said...

With no beeps or dings or lights or people checking on you every 15 minutes or an hour or whatever when you're trying to sleep.... hooray for home!

John Slade said...


Eclector2 said...

What John said.

Taymara said...

It's worth repeating... JoyJoyJoyJoyJoyJoyJoyJoy and Birdsong.


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