Friday, April 20, 2012

Pneumonia, the Sequel.

So, with a progressively worsening cough, I went to see Dr. Larry (my primary care practitioner) yesterday afternoon. He ordered a chest x-ray, and just called a few minutes ago with the positive results.

He described it as "early pneumonia", but since it seems like its maybe the same old pneumonia as before, I think it's probably more like "the Return of Pneumonia". "Son of Pneumonia" makes it sound like some sort of revenge plot (which for all I know is the case. I get so little I formation about the wars going on inside my body). "Pneumonia, the Goopening" is another possibility that fits.

I have been prescribed, and am dutifully taking, an antibiotic. I started this last night and felt some slight relief already about 4 hours later.

I need to watch out for increased shortness of breath and continued fevers, etc. As with last time, a turn for the worse could mean some hospital time.

Right now I'm enjoying the possibility that this will all fade away and I'll start to get some energy back. I might even be able to get off the portable O2, if it goes well.

Tonight I'm looking forward to improved energy, and a great weekend with Jen.

Boo is worried, but I think she's getting to the "but what about me?" stage of all this, and it hitting up all the visitors for treats and walks, etc. It makes it harder that she refuses to sleep on the people bed, so we don't even get that time together. If I'm out a lot during the day, or napping, or she prefers her dog-beds to the shared people/dog couch (generally she does) then it feels like we don't get much time together at all.

Anyhow, that's the news.


Dave Matheny said...

Tell Boo I'll stop by and tell her she's a good dog.


Kevin said...

It's a weird thing when "you have pneumonia!" feels like good news, but there it is.

Here's hoping the Goopening recedes and you get back to breathing.

Eclector2 said...

You did look better today and the coughing was reduced. Yeah!! Re: Boo, she mat be afraid of the oxygen tank and tubes as well as your coughing. I think it is important that you feed her as often as you can so she knows that you are the provider

Kari said...

Hope the antibiotics kick pneumonia's butt! Feel better soon. Hugs!

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