Thursday, April 12, 2012


According to the verbal report from the radiologist, yesterday: no, I do not have any embolisms in my lungs as far as he could find. Another radiologist was doing the "official" read and I should have all results today, hopefully, including the leg ultrasound results.

And, so far, the o2 seems to be helping -- though it is a bit cumbersome.


Kari said...

I hope you feel better. Thinking of you and sending you tons of healing energy. *hugs*

Eclector2 said...

After losing Norma so suddenly from a blood clot in her lung it was scary to think this might be the source of your shortness of breath. It looks like that is not the case unless the ultrasound of the legs says differently. That is a relief.

I am so pleased that the Oxygen is helping. It will help you heal. I love you and am hoping you can regain your strength. Much love, Mom.

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