Thursday, April 19, 2012


Or perhaps just the nadir. That's got to be what I'm feeling.

Tired, exhausted, out of breath, tired of coughing, not sleeping well enough, etc.

Here we are at chemo (Alimta) round 1 +11 days, I feel chemo-y, but different -- but there's likely a few things going on.

Last night I ran a fever -- it was 100.3, which is the magic number at which you're supposed to call the oncologist, day or night. We did. The other symptoms I was having weren't worrisome enough to warrant a trip to the ER, so I was instructed to take a Tylenol and check the temp again in an hour or so. It was then down, below 100, so that was good.

The back is slowly improving after the shots, but not as fast as id like, so that still a factor.

Today has been a slugfest. I have nothing concrete planned for a few hours, so I decided to get in some extra napping/snoozing as much as I could. It was only moderately successful. Boo is very patient, but she has already had breakfast and has been out a couple times, thanks to Jen.

I'm feeling extremely thankful for all the help I get, and more than a little frustrated by my current need for it. Using portable oxygen and occasionally taking advantage of wheelchair rides and ramps is just not who or where I thought I'd ever be.


lsikora said...

Hi, Michael - I just sent you an email to your gmail - can you let me know what you think? Thanks.

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