Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not much new

Not much new to report, other than I am becoming increasingly worried that my mood is deteriorating to the point where I'm pissing people off left and right, both in person and in print. I hope this is not the case. Damn this entire thing and the effect it has on me. I hope I still have a few friends and family left when it is done with.

Other than that, more chemo on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Michael, Your crankiness is probably in part related to the drugs. When I've been on pain medication for several days, I get really grumpy. I bet your family and friends love you and are willing to put up with a lot given the heavy hand you've been dealt. I think of you often and always fondly. Nobody said you have to be nice all the time but try to be kind to yourself as much as possible.

Susan Hoffman

Emily said...

i'm with susan.

also, if somebody told me i was going to do chemo periodically for the rest of my life, and that my life was no longer measured in decades... well, i'd be pissed. pissed at no one in particular, and therefore everyone in general.

Deborah in MN said...

I'll always love you, bro. Feel free to be cranky anytime you want if it makes you feel better. Some days I give myself permission to feel sorry for myself. No one can be upbeat and positive all the time and in your situation, if you can be positive even some of the time, pat yourself on the back. Besides I enjoy your rants.

John Slade said...

Damn sign-ins...

NOO!!! You have to be Mr Fucking Sunshine 24-7, or we'll all stop talking to you! Get with the program!!!


Sucks to be hurting and on this many meds. I'm still with you, you're nowhere near my tolerance threshold. (I'm hugely tolerant of a lot... you're just fine.)

Anonymous said...

I may not be one to be giving advice on pissing people off, but, that being said......1) you can't spend all your time managing everyone's reactions to things you say in print or otherwise that are said with the best intentions 2)everyone else is probably far more worried about how YOU take what THEY say right now 3) those people who love you will still love you for who you are, even if you aren't perfect....... at least I'M hoping all these things are true....ha ha!


Eclector2 said...

Dear Michael,
You are crabbier and crankier than usual lately. That's an appropriate reaction to the chemo, pain medications, and your present lot in life.

You don't have to be all sunshine and light or worry about what others think. None of us know how we would react in your circumstances. Not as well as you probably.

There is no need to apologize or to be anything other than who you are. There is no danger that you will lose your support group. We are here and we love you, no natter what.

Love, Mom

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