Friday, September 02, 2011

Halluciations and Other Fun Stuff

The pain did return today, and is fading as it gets later in the evening. Possibly a trend developing. So far, the all-natural remedies are working quite well to keep the entire transit system moving without any roadblocks or speed related incents.

For the past 4 or 5  nights I have been hearing music at the edge of my hearing. It sounds like the neighbors next door have their stereo on and you both have your  windows open. Its not like a radio station where I can say "I'd like some Latin beats, now." No, its more like like occationally I hear something that emerges from the background noise, finding (or being given by my sunconscious) some rhythm, structure and tonal accompaniment. It turns out I can imagine some pretty cool and pretty complex stuff. Last night it was Norwegian electric fiddle folk, and the other night it was a 70's era stadium rock band. 2 night ago it was bagpipe music (I played as a drummer in a bagepipe band, so I have been exposed to a lot of it). This usually happens late in the evening (when the music's seeping through). The big tip-off for me that it was not real was when I put in earplugs and the music was at the same relative volume, still very faint but audible. I don't control it, can't guide it or manipulate it: its just there, like your roomate's CD player.

Sometimes I really wish I could write it down. I guess its all original anyhow, as far as I can tell. I guess I can retain trademark to my own halluciations.

I went to go and see my sister in the hospital today. It looks like she's getting the hospital runaround and the docs are afraid to admit that they're not sure what's going on. Or maybe they caused the complications and don't want to admit it. Anyhow, I hope she can take the trek to Mayo if it doesn't resolve soon. They're the people you want to talk to when no one else can figure it out, I find.


Emily said...

"I guess I can retain trademark to my own halluciations."

i LOLed.

happy to hear about the expressway!

Anonymous said...

If you get a singing voice that begins to sound like Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen, that might be worrisome. Norwegian electric fiddle folk just sounds like fun.

- Anna B

Karen C. said...

I hear carnival music in the shower, which is weirder than one might expect.

Dear Mike, I just heard the news and dropped in to say that I am thinking radiant and healthy vibes at you!

Would you like some Farmer's Market tomatoes or something similar dropped off? They are so good right now, all sunshine and juice. (I don't have your address.)

Karen C.

slade said...

Cellphoning it in. I was just thinking the brown note is just what you need: if you think you're hallucinating something that sound like hobbit weasel pipes (a cross between Breton pipes and a shopvac) start doing that contingency planning for the nearest route to the seven holed hall. (Bit of a run on there, I blame the thin Utah air)

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