Friday, September 23, 2011

Blogger Commenting

Since I have disabled the anonymous posting option, I have been getting a few emails related to trouble posting comments. If you have a Google account (or AIM, or LiveJournal, or OpenID, or blogger) login, you *should* be able to comment. You'll need to log into that account when you comment. If you have a Google account (as an example) it will make you log in to that. I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't accept the Google account login, but apparently it does not for some people.

I personally don't have a problem posting, so I can't replicate the problem. Admittedly, it *is* my blog, so it seems normal that I wouldn't have a problem -- but having said that: it still makes me log in every time when I want to make a comment on my own post. I use my Google ID as my login.

I did some searching and found this link, which takes one through he process of logging in and commenting. Perhaps it may help?

If anyone who knows Blogger better than I -- which is virtually everyone -- can offer a possible solution, it would be very helpful to those who would like to comment but cannot.

Likewise, if you were once stumped -- but have now managed to solve the puzzle -- please post your solutions here so they may help others.



Deborah in MN said...

I login w my Google id without a problem. I'm trying it from my Nook color this time. Keeps me "short-winded".

Laura said...

I found I had to be logged in before I tried to post. If I write it and then try to post and go through the login process it gets a bit goofy. Otherwise it hasn't been a problem.

Cathy Crea said...

Second what Laura said--It ate all but half a sentence of my (lengthy) posts if I had to sign in at the time of posting. If I was already signed in, no problem.

lsikora said...

I have 2 email addresses assigned to my google account, and the primary email address is NOT the original email address I used to login to this account. Though it makes no sense to me, if I'm not foreceably logged out of the google account where I have typed in my newer email address to access the account (even though both are associated with it), and foreceably logged in with the old email address, I can't access this blog......yeesh! And I had to try this several times before THAT worked....who knows if it will work tomorrow.....and you can't change your primary email address unless you contact google, from what I'm reading....

John Slade said...

I have two google accounts, one for my secret life and one for my rest of my life. (Semi-secret). And my google+ account is on the open one, but I blog (When I do) on the semi-secret one. So I attached my open email to a blogger account just to not have to switch back and forth for you on this blog and for Google+ (which I'm not using all that much atm.)

And what others said about posting before being logged in, that was totally true.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike! I saw something you commented on on Facebook. It reminded me to stop in and say hi! I wish we still ran in the same circles it would make it easier to touch base. As it is I'm not running in any circles(of people) any more. The computer has become my only link to the world. Hopefully my circumstances will change and I'll be able to see you.
Kari Dixon

John Slade said...

Hey Mr. Michael - hope all is well as I haven't seen a new blog post recently. This is the end of the second week of chemo? or is it? I've been having some crazy weeks and lose track. Anyway, thinking of you and will call like tomorrow or Friday.


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