Thursday, March 02, 2017

Looking forward...

March 2, 2017

Dear Michael,

You would be 50 years old today. Four years and nine months have passed since you died. Often you come to visit me in my dreams and I am happy. At those times I feel your comfortable presence, we talk, I feel your soft cheek against mine, and I hope the visits will never stop.

The loss of you in my life remains hard to bear and I don't think that this will every change. But I am so grateful to you for your music. I have the miracle of hearing your voice and "being" with you whenever I wish.

We know that you recorded your music so it would be shared and we have been working to bring your El Dorado album to completion. On April 28th, your loving friends will be sharing it with the world.

Your are remembered as a warm and loving, kind-hearted man, a musician of many talents, and a wonderful friend and son. Our hope is that you will also be remembered for your original music—that it will become a lasting legacy.

Your loving Mom and best friend,



Eclector2 said...

I will go to the Solas Concert tonight and think of you and your time in Ireland with them and Ray. Happy Birthday dear.

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