Thursday, May 14, 2015

Remembering Michael

Three-year Awful Anniversary

It has been two years, 11 months and 4 days since Michael's passing. Each year the two dates of March 2nd, the day he was born, and June 10th, the day he died, are emotionally loaded and a difficult time. Managing the loss has gotten easier with time, but it will always be a huge source of sorrow that he is no longer here to finish his life projects and realize his great potential.

Not About Me

I have not posted here very often because this was Michael's blog about his Cancer journey and my posts are about missing him, which is inevitably about me, that seemed somehow wrong.

Announcing Michael's First CD Release

However, remembering and honoring Michael is important and this blog seems an okay place to do this. So I want to announce and celebrate the completion of Michael's first posthumous CD, "All Their Best," a collection of cover songs he recorded from 2009 to 2012.

Sharing with Family, Fans, and Friends

It was a labor of love and sorrow for Sean Melom, Kevin, and I to compile and create this CD. While it is not perfect, we are pleased with the results and hope that he would have been too. It is a joy to hear him sing and laugh and play all of his instruments. We want everyone to have the pleasure.

We have printed 300 copies and plan to give them away to anyone who wants one. I will announce an Open House CD Release Party on Facebook and here so we can get them out to people. We can't sell them because we do not have copyright release from the songwriters. But we would be happy to accept contributions towards the production of his next CD which is in the works. This will be of his own compositions.

Sneak Preview of CD

I can't give you a sound sampling, but the photo below is the cover art. It was taken by Jen Lynch on their trip to New Orleans in November 2010. (Love the smile.)

And his selfie photos below are on the back of the CD. They are from October 3, 2011.

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