Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Visiting precautions

Michael is "C Diff Positive" -- I'm sure one of the nurses can spell out what exactly that means in medical terms. basically, the antibiotic regimen they have him on has allowed some of his intestinal flora to flourish. The nurses now have to observe additional isolation procedures, including wearing gowns at all times and gloves for every procedure.

What it means to visitors is that, in addition to "foaming in" you will also need to:
- Not sit on Michael's bed, chair or any other place where he has been sitting
- Not touch his bedding
- Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water as you leave
And if you have diarrhea after visiting, see your doctor.

just in case there was a shortage of things which sucked about this whole experience.

Still scheduled to move to Station 30 some time today, but no word yet on when.

- Kevin


RachaelHD said...

Oy, I had C. Diff. a year and a half ago and it was not fun. Sorry to hear it. Take care of yourselves Kevin, Jen, and Marilyn. Take your probiotics too!

Eclector2 said...

Thanks for the reminder Rachel. I plan to bring Michael some ot the great Greek yoghurt from the Coop tomorrow. It would be a good treat to bring in instead of candy and other sweet treats, since his blood sugar is a bit high.

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