Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A gathering of friends and family

We are putting this notice in the Thursday edition of the StarTribune:

Matheny, Michael David
Age 45, of Minneapolis, passed June 10, 2012 at J. A Wedum Hospice Center. He was surrounded by family and friends, and will be in their hearts forever. A gathering of friends and family will be held on Saturday, June 16, from 1-5 PM at the Washburn McReavy Nokomis Park Chapel, 1838 E. Minnehaha Parkway, Minneapolis MN.  
Nokomis Park Chapel   612-721-1651
It's hard to capture a life in words. Michael's span of years was fewer than he would have liked, but he made the most of what time he had. He lived well and fully, and we will gather and celebrate his life.

We originally intended to have people gather at his house, but we soon realized that there's no way we could fit all of the people whose lives he touched into his tiny (but cute) South Minneapolis house. So we are taking advantage of the services offered by the funeral parlor who handled Michael's cremation, and will be using their space.

This is not the end of celebrations of Michael's life, not by any means. He wanted a proper Irish wake, and we intend to give him one. But this will give all of us whose lives he touched a chance to gather and remember him.

I do have one request. I know that many of you will want to share your sadness at losing Michael with me, and please believe that I honor that. But I have enough sadness to fill my heart forever. I have lost a brother and a friend, and I want to remember him with joy and laughter, and celebrate what we had, not just mourn what we have lost. Please share your fond memories with me as well as your grief. 

- Kevin


Anjila K. Olsen said...

Michael was a great person. I enjoyed being mentored by him at festival in my first year (1984). We laughed backstage during the acts and he helped me out of my shyness.

He would tease me about my accent. It was never mean spirited, but in jest and as an older brother would tease a younger sister. Little did I know that he was preparing me to take over for him at Crown Stage so that he could sing.

I admired him as well as Lojo and Ken. I went to as many concerts as I could, bought as many CD as I could afford. They were amazing.

Despite the distance between us, Michael always made me feel welcome . It didn't matter the location, he always put me at ease with a smile on his (and my eventual) face.

At Crown, I remember the two of us laughing so hard that Puke and Snot stopped their show, turned their heads, and looked pissed. We still continued to laugh. I can't remember what was so funny, but MIke had that affect on me and the rest of his workers (at fest).

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