Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

So, after the aforementioned bleeding incident early Sunday AM (the third such incident, if you've been keeping track) I developed some problems with the catheter itself this afternoon. It seems odd, but having a catheter in does not make one immune from the chance of a clot, if there's enoigh bleeding. And there was. Oh, joy.

So, back to The ER. After much discussion, it seems best at this point to admit me to Abbott, aggressively irrigate the cath setup with sodium chloride overnight, and to see an Abbott Urologist on Monday.

I have been meaning to find a local Urologist to replace Dr. Ungawa, the colorful character who did so little for me early in this process. Dr. Hunter is still my Uro at Mayo, though the distance to Rochester makes taking care of the relatively simple, non-cancer uro-stuff there cumbersome.

With any luck, I'll have the procedure to fix the bleeding tomorrow (Monday).

Currently, I'm here at Abbott. Boo is safe with Jen, and I've been pumped full of IV painkillers, just in case.

Now, to make up for some lost sleep.


Cathy Crea said...

Ow. Hang in there.

Wendy said...

May your sleep be mighty!

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