Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sunday morning, two-somthing A.M.

 So, apparently the bleeding wasn't gone for good after all, though it had been quiet for 2 weeks.

At the ER now. Catheterized. Again. :(

Chances are good that I will be down at Mayo this week getting a surgical solution to the problem (whatever that is...) which may even involve a hospital stay, I'm not sure yet. Will know more Monday.

The whole process was far, far less painful this time -- partially because we caught the problem much earlier, and partially because I premedicated myself this time before even going in.

Jen is learning more than she ever wanted to know about catheters, just by being in the room. She's the best.

Update: I'm home now, the ER was just an annoying (but necessary) trip to get the cath in. Hopefully it will be removed tomorrow (Monday) in Rochester.


Dave Matheny said...

Ah, so that explains the photo.

Amy Burge said...

Oh what fun! Glad you caught it. I'm guessing this means tonight may not be good for a visit? Text if we're still on.

R said...

F&*k dude. I'm really sorry to hear you have to have that damned thing in again. Thinking about you.


Unknown said...

I really hope they can put a permanent and positive stop to all of these problems.
Safe journey and stay, feel better soon.

John Slade said...

suck-ola, glad it's not like last time, mygawd....

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