Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Round 3

Have been offline a lot recently, spent last weekend moving with the help of many kind people. It was a little like an Amish barn raising, everything got packed, loaded, moved, unloaded and unpacked in a matter of hours. It was a sight to see and it was timed mid-month to take advantage of the end of chemo round 2 when I would be feeling the best. I was feeling pretty good, actually, just a tiny bit tired.

It's cool to be in what feels like my own house and to know that I'll be here for awhile. I've been trying to go through my stuff and figure out what can stay, what doesn't fit, etc. IKEA is my new best friend. Also it's really nice to not have a hyperactive 2nd shift upstairs neighbor rearranging furniture every night of the week at 3 am.

I'm at the clinic for my final round of chemo, this is the cisplatin and gemzar. Next week I'll get just the gemzar, and then that's it for round 3.

The plan is: after the next treatment I'll get a CT scan. If the tumor has shrunk, I'll be cleared for surgery and will have that in early November at Mayo. A week in the hospital for the surgery, another couple of weeks with very limited mobility, and them hopefully all done with this entire business except for occasional checkups.

Feeling enormously tired right now, but I know it's not the chemo since I'm only getting saline right now, no actual IV drugs yet. But I did take the Emend this morning (my prescription preventive anti emetic). So that must be kicking in.


Anonymous said...

It's a sign of how much you are loved that so many showed up.


John Slade said...

Yeah! And we rocked, pretty heavy. Cool house! Did you ever find the couch legs? Where were they?

I have to admit I just used you internally for a reality check - my work might be freaking me out, but I have no cancer diagnosis. Thanks for letting me reorient and ground on your shitty condition.

You should have a housewarming during your surgery convalescence, call it 'the hand and foot' party, we wait on you, turn your pillow, etc. J might get jealous...

Eclector2 said...

I like John's idea for a housewarming party. But then as a Mom I would, wouldn't I.

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