Monday, December 12, 2011

Anticlimactic conclusion

My blood tests today revealed that my neutrophils, part of white blood cells that are related to immune function, we're too low to safely do chemo. They were 800, well below the lower normal range of 1300 to 6600. I've been here before, but this is probably just confirmation that I need to stop chemo for awhile. Because of my immunosuppressed status, I'm a little like someone with AIDS (clarification: I do not have AIDS) in that getting sick right now could be extremely dangerous and could easily lead to hospitalization. My immune system is much, much weaker than yours right now. So if we have plans to get together and you're sick, or think you might be sick, or have been around sick people, or even just in close contact with young kids in general (who are of course germ factories) we should probably reschedule. At least for a few weeks. I'll wear a mask when in big crowds and continue to not touch public doorknobs, etc. I'll also continue to use the Purell.

I'm glad to be done a little early, but mixed on the subject. I do want the most benefit from my chemo, and I worry that it was cut a little shorter than planned.


John Slade said...

Well, let's cheer the next turn of the wheel to non-chemo, and enjoy the holiday season! Glad to see you posting again, although it's probably in the 'grind grind same ol' same ol' stage right now.

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