Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Your loss and a Pretty Good Day

It is really too bad that no one took me up on that bet. I feel much better today than expected. I had the faintest of back discomfort this morning. I took nothing for it and it seems to have faded away on its own.

I slept late while Jen took care of work email, etc. I'm tired, but that's completely normal. I have no appetite, but no nausea either. I think the most important thing is that I don't feel like hell.Usually today (the day after treatment) is the "bad" day. So far, its going pretty well today and if I was scheduled to work tonight or had class I'd be planning to go. I have dinner with friends tonight and am definitely in for that. I might even eat something!

Today or tonight I'll shave my head -- its getting to that point where I'm finding too many hairs in the sink, etc. May post pics, though it always shocks me to see me hairless. THat first glance in the mirror in the morning is alarming and a big, depressing, constant reminder. People tell me that I look good with a shaved head. CLearly, people would hardly tell anyone otherwise, but I find that I miss my sideburns more. I could keep them, but then I look like a pro-wrestler. THen, the soul patch (which I 've had for about 11 years) becomes this glaring thing on my face: my last vestige of facial hair. I might get rid of that also, but without the sideburns or the soul patch or the earrings (that I took out permanently last year after scan after scan where they wanted me to remove all the metal) -- I'll look very, very "normal."

On the plus side, the shaved head lends itself well to a variety of halloween costumes.


Kelly McCullough said...

Speaking from long experience, the shaved head does indeed make for a very useful prop for any number of Halloween costumes, and you do indeed rock it.

cmmastro said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing well today. Its always nice to be pleasantly surprised by a missed expectation for being miserable.

And you do look great with a shaved head. In the small blessings category "going through chemo while looking like the shaved head is a viable fashion choice" is one of them.

Cathy Crea said...

Does Mr. Clean have a soul patch?

Eclector2 said...

Thanks for warning me about the shaved head. It is a shock to see you bald for the first time.

However, I am one who thinks you look good shaved. And I remind you that there are lots of other attractive men out there with shaved heads, who do not have cancer. You could just be being cool.

I am so glad that today went well. I hoped that it would. I have a feeling the Jen is an important part of that, she surrounds you with her good energy and keeps the bad stuff away. Bless her for that.

Love, Mom

Kari said...

I'm so glad you're not feeling as miserable as expected.

As far as the shaved head, I can't wait to see what you decide to become for Halloween.

Karebear hugs!

John Slade said...

Sweet on the good day. We like good days.

Although tons of people are having ooky allergic reactions to stuff. Like Wendy, and Carla, and three-four others. All women. Maybe there's a new man-pollen that only the women sneeze at.

If you're bald, that also makes wigs more possible. Have you thought of getting some? They could be hi-fucking-larious.


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