Friday, January 07, 2011

Gen X Cancer Resources

Speaking of support groups, I just found a site called "Stupid Cancer" that caters to the under-40 cancer crowd. I'm not actually under 40, but I identify much better with that crowd, I find. And I think they'll let me in: most of the other Bladder cancer survivors are old enough to be my parents.

One quote that I found on their website that I just had to share:

"See, we don't typically do relays for living stronger, races for fairy dust cures, riding for rose petals, 5K saunters for research, or team trainings. But when we do, it's not for the "cure". It's to help young adults fight cancer and get busy living. With us, it's just you, your friends, possibly a few awkward co-workers, some booze (for the 21+ events), great music and good old stupid cancer. (Pole dancing, karaoke and flaming shots optional.) But in all seriousness, it's about hanging out with people who "get you" and who won't pity you for being 40 years younger than them. "



llochen said...

That is totally awesome (I say that dating myself). I love that quote and can really identify with the sounds like a perfect group. Really, all you need in a support group is one or two peaple that REALLY get what you are going through. **Hugs**

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