Monday, September 27, 2010

Request, Good Thoughts

Whether you're a person that believes in prayer, good vibes or just plain positive thinking, I could really use any spare prayer/good thoughts energy to be focused on one specific thing: I really need my biopsies on October 15th to come back clean and cancer free.

The results of the 10/15 biopsies will greatly determine the scope and invasiveness of the surgery that I have the following week.

Still hanging in there, though worrying about the surgery of course.

Thank you, to everyone, for your amazing notes of encouragement and cheerleading, I feel very loved.

- M


Raymond Yates said...

Absolutely, brother! Every day I'm sending loads of good stuff your way. And the whole Solas clan wanted me to specifically tell you they're sending all of theirs, too.

See you soon!

Kelly McCullough said...

Fingers and toes crossed.

Anonymous said...

Prayers every day, but I will step up the intensity.

Do not forget Lake Minnetonka, May 10,1975.


Deborah in MN said...

I wake up almost every night at 3am, which is a bummer, but I take the opportunity to pray for you and then I'm back to sleep. So if you have a sleepless night, know I'm lifting you up to heaven. I'm always glad to know specific ways to pray for you.
Love, your sis.

Anonymous said...

We Lynch's are a diverse lot. From the good Catholics that keep their religion to themselves, to the more out there bible thumpers to those of us that see it in the trees. One thing we have in common is tons of good thoughts, prayers, vibes and visualizations heading in your direction. You are loved. JL

M said...

Thanks all, I really do appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if we've ever met, but we have friends in common (B & K Minnehaha). Hearing about your fight against bladder cancer, I told them a bit about my dad, and then thought maybe you'd like to hear it too.

My Dad had bladder cancer for years. For 11 years, it was very minimal and was treated by occasional removals of the cancerous polyps. Finally, two and a half years ago, it had gotten bad enough that they had to remove his bladder. He had some slightly space-age sounding surgery in Marien Hospital, Marl, Germany (my Dad lives overseas). In this surgery, they removed his bladder and built him a new one out of part of his small intestine. Now his "new bladder" is working fine and he has no more cancer (and may it stay that way).

To be sure, my Dad is significantly older than you and smokes. But even with those handicaps, he has been able to essentially beat this thing. I realize that your diagnosis may not be the same, but I hope that gives you confidence in your ability to do even better.

Much healing to you --


lsikora said...

Good vibes, prayers, healing energy, all of it!!!!

Eclector2 said...

Yes, you are loved very much.

With all my heart I am wishing and praying, that you will have good results on your biopsies, that your surgery will be minor, that your recovery will be swift, that you will soon find yourself back in your "normal" life.

I am hopeful that this will all come to pass.
Love, Mom

Karen & Bruce said...

We are focused on the best of health and a complete recovery for you! The Mayo is the best. Be well, play songs!

Anonymous said...

thinking good thoughts for clear biopsies and good margins at surgery time. everything crossable, is crossed.

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